Dynamic dataviz generated with R as an embed code

13 octobre 2019

Rframe: a WordPress plugin to embed the HTML generated with R.

How to embed within a post (or a page) a dynamic dataviz whose HTML code was generated with R? The « Rframe » plugin allows you to answer the question in the easiest way. This plugin is available in FR and in EN.

Update V0.2: shortcode and dynamic view added

Plugin installation

1)  Download the plugin on Github

2) Add it to your WordPress’ plugins

3) Activate it, a new post type « Rframe » will appear in the menu


1) In R Studio, export the dataviz : Export / Save as web page


2) Open the HTML file in a code editor, select all (CTRL + A) and then copy (CTRL + C)

3) Create a new post « Rframe » in WordPress

4) Add a title

5) Save the post

6) Copy the shortcode

7) Create a new post and paste the shortcode

You can change the width of the rframe within the shortcode (by default, 100%). 

The example below is based on the the package Highcharter.


Here’s the original post type

Admin preview

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