Epistemological Foundations for Ethical AI in Journalism

31 juillet 2023

The development of AI-based solutions in newsrooms aims to automate specific tasks or help journalists understand complex data to improve reporting and news dissemination. The professionals involved in these editorial processes are neither trained in journalism nor consider themselves journalists. They also have different views on what technology and journalism are or should be. At the same time, there is a recognized need for blending AI systems with journalistic values. From an epistemological perspective, the challenge is to apprehend the shifts in meanings and approaches to the critical concepts of accuracy, objectivity, and transparency (Abstract).

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Dierickx, L., & Lindén, C. G. (2023, June). Fine-Tuning Languages: Epistemological Foundations for Ethical AI in Journalism. In 2023 10th IEEE Swiss Conference on Data Science (SDS) (pp. 42-49). IEEE.
This paper was presented at the SDS2023 in Zürich.  Slides and video are available here.



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