Blog 2: Collecting the corpus

11 décembre 2021


Research Notebook

'Mixology' is an open research project, which aims to extract opinions in times of crisis, here from a corpus collected via the Twitter API, from December 12 to 31, 2021.

The data gathering from the social network Twitter is carried out via the rtweet package (#Rstats). The first requests followed the following code:

The geographical perimeter is calculated according to a radius of 1.367 kilometers from Juliandorp in the Netherlands (in the center) to Rozan in Poland. Despite the initial obstacles related to completing the requests (blocking at 10%, 1%, and 5% content retrieval), it was possible to identify 90 variables.


All these variables are not used in the constitution of the corpus, and this is also for ethical reasons:

  1. The users are not informed of this research.
  2. Users cannot exercise their right to withdraw.
  3. Respect for the privacy of users is fundamental.
  4. This research is less interested in who says it (even if it is also scientifically interesting) than what is said.

Also, the variables used are: text (the content of the tweet), lang (language), location, and country (location of the user, not necessarily always filled in), while user_id indicates the number of different users.

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