Blog 21: Politicians, experts, and journalists

11 mars 2022


Research Notebook

'Mixology' is an open research project, which aims to extract opinions in times of crisis, here from a corpus collected via the Twitter API, from December 12 to 31, 2021.

Three social worlds can be considered the main players in the Covid crisis: politics, science, and media. This part of the sentiment analysis brings together all the tweets from the English-speaking corpus, i.e. 465,440 tweets published between December 12 and 31, 2021. The political world is rather unanimous against it, with an average score of 50.25 %. This average score is comparable with regard to its actors (50.62%). It is in France that the score is highest for negative type sentiment, with 57.49%.

Conversely, the scientific world and its actors obtain majority scores with regard to the positive type of sentiment, except in Luxembourg where the lack of representativeness cannot lead to the conclusion that there would be considerable mistrust towards science. As far as the experts are concerned, the scores are comparable from one country to another. Sentiments are more divided with regard to the media (pay attention to the Luxembourg scores which cannot be considered as representative). However, the results are less divided with regard to the figure of the journalist: from 64.49% of positive sentiment in Austria to 36.96% in Switzerland.

Although a sentiment analysis of a corpus of tweets is limited in scope (representativeness/diversity of users, temporality limited in time, research carried out on a determined number of keywords, subjectivity of a subjective evaluation), they provide indications of a general loss of confidence in the political world and its representatives, at least with regard to the management of the Covid crisis.


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